Product Marketing

We help the process of promoting and selling a product to targeted audiences. We view a product dispassionately – investigating the client base and create the hook for your business plan to online engagement, advertising and strategy for outbound marketing.

We address four important strategic questions:

  1. What products will be offered (i.e., the breadth and depth of the product line)?
  2. Who will be the target audience and your customers (i.e., the boundaries of the market segments to be served)?
  3. How will the products reach those customers, (i.e. the distribution channel and viable possibilities that create a solid business model) ?
  4. At what price should the products be offered?

To inform these decisions we establish the voice between the market and the team to drive customer engagement.  We gain customer insights such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer observation and data analysis.  We use state of the art testing for optimal touch points and pricing by test targeting defined groups.